The Overlook

I watched Stanley Kubrick's The Shining just a few nights ago. It had been years since I'd last viewed it, and I believe the first time I had seen the extended version. I was inspired to create a small sequence from the film, a deleted scene. I wanted to try and pull it off in an evening, just an exercise, but in the end it was closer to 10 hours. The goal was to use only content I had already purchased from the marketplace to match the scene as closely as I could. I didn't realize how hard matching the ambient lighting would be with no real clear directional influence. The only content made from scratch for this sequence were the architectural elements (walls, windows, doors) and the stenciled floor paint. It was tempting to get really serious and recreate the scene more authentically, but it was time to move on.

Television and chairs were from Dekogon's "Antiques in the Attic".

Original Scene:

The Overlook - Unreal 4