Writers Block

The concept for this scene was a place where a writer had "escaped" to work on a manuscript. Desperate to find a location with privacy, he takes his typewriter and gear to the derelict home near the edge of town. Over the course of months he spends more and more time there, until eventually the space begins to take on his character. I wanted to capture the paranoia a place like this would impose on a sensitive artist in isolation, inspired by the dark and lonely environment, slowly descending into madness. A lot of fun!

For this scene as far as unique assets, I created the primary architectural elements. The additional props were purchased from the Unreal Marketplace:

Antiques in the Attic VOL 1-4, Restaurant and Dive Bar VOL 1-3 and City Trash and Waste Set by Dekogon Studios
Modular Victorian House by Arthur Dark
Old Office by Alex Fantom
Great Horned Owl by PROTOFACTOR INC
Mansion Hall by Joel Zakrisson
Soviet Room by White Noise Team