Childhood Memories

I've recently been in a nostalgic mood. After watching the movie Summer of '84 I had a huge rush of inspiration to create something that hearkened back to that era. I had a lot of fun trying to pick through posters and stickers that I remember from my youth.
The folks at Dekogon made an incredible set of asset packs for this theme and I'm very happy to have finally put them to use. Make sure to hit them up on the Unreal Marketplace or their Cubebrush store.
A few others asset packs featured in this scene: 
White Noise Team: Soviet Bathroom, Soviet Corridor and Soviet Kitchen 
Pixelcloud: Retro Electronics 
Alex Fantom: Classic Office
If there are any inquiries about other assets in the scene and where I found them, message me and I'll be happy to provide you with the info on the creator and where to view/purchase their work for your projects.

Childhood Memories Walkthrough

Childhood Memories Flythrough